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Team Member Page

Page history last edited by Rollie Finke 10 years ago


About Rollie Finke


Contact Info:

1601 Jefferson St Room 710

Alexandria, MN 56308

320-304-3122 ext 4283

eMail : rfinke@alexandria.k12.mn.us

Website: http://alexandriaesl.pbworks.com


About Me:

I graduated with a BST from Mankato State University http://www.mnsu.edu/ .  I have been teaching since 1996 and I have been here about 2 1/2 years.  I taught my first English as a Second Language student at Day Star School in Juticalpa, Olancho, Honduras http://www.daystar-edu.org/ .  I believe in positive classroom environment that is learner centered where everybody is important.  I believe that leartning can, and should, be FUN.



  • Teach ESL Classes
  • Also Teach ABE/GED/Computer Skills
  • Registration
  • Testing
  • Student Advisory Committee
  • Distance Learning Instructor


Tasks I'm Working On:

  • Creating and Updating this site
  • updating our e-Library
  • Increasing ESL learners in our program


Tasks You'd Like Me To Work On:

  1. Discussion/Opinion Topics
  2. Watch Videos and discuss / state opinion on what we saw.
  3. Transition/Academic focus
    1. US History
    2. Literature
  4. Grammar
    1. Explain why we use each part of grammar
    2. Revisit basics (Articles, prepositions, etc)
    3. Phrases (Prepositional phrases, adjective/adverb clauses, etc), why it is a phrase, and why we use them.
    4. Direct/Indirect questions
    5. Reinforcement activities/ Homework
    6. Verb tense charts






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